The Atmospheric Russian

Hey guys, My name is Elena. Pretty simple name to be honest, but people always get it wrong. Anyway, I was born in Russia, then moved to the place I will always, always love mainly because of the surfing and the awesome fricken weather, which is Australia. Now I'm in the wonderful country they called England...which isn't so great, since mainly I'm stuck here just wanting to explore the many possibility's this world has to offer me, in the little time I have within this thing called 'Life'.

I love loads of random shite but mainly things that have a meaning and purpose to it. When i get bored i usually open the 'net and search for future opportunity's that lay ahead of me like maybe going to study in America which has been my dream for ages, sent loads of applications over the summer. Pretty lame I know but when your bored with the "fantastic" weather in England there is nothing else to do.

I'm pretty good with people, love meeting people, love talking to people and i love helping people out so if anyone has any problems by all means just chat away and I'll help out as much as I can.


Interviewer: Two weeks ago, Emma Watson revealed that she had a huge crush on you, during the first movies. Have you ever felt the same for someone in the series?

Tom Felton: No, not really, no. I mean, it was very sweet when I heard about it, yeah, this was a long time ago. No, I never really had a…other than Rupert. Rupert’s a very good looking guy. And obviously, who doesn’t have a crush on Rupert? Um, but other than that not really, to be honest with you.

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